March 19, 2013

FHS Boys Basketball

Here's a look at the Boys Basketball teams at FHS.  If you'd like to see more head to


December 3, 2012

Preview: Horse's, Glitter, 3 Girls & a Photographer

More to come of these pretty ladies!

November 7, 2012

Bird Chasin' Beauty

Meet my friend Jenna, she is also a photographer (click here and you will see all of her wonderful images).  A lot of our time we are talking about photos, cameras, other photographers, ect. we are photography geeks.  Jenna is the type of friend that when the day is over you have a lot of unforgettable stories (we laugh a LOT).  She is a great friend and if we ever stop being friends we'll have a lot of blackmail....  Good thing that's not going to happen. 
Since we both tend to have a camera in our hands, we are rarely in the group shot, which most of the time is fine by me,  I love photography and hearing the shutter go off.  But sometimes it's just nice to be in photos.  So earlier this fall, when I made a trip back to Marquette we grabbed our cameras, photographed the scenery and got to experiment with some portraiture  We also chased those annoying seagulls around, they only flew a hundred yards or so around us. 

November 6, 2012


I remember Jenny from my years as a Food, Fun, & Fitness youth leader, now I was lucky enough she wanted me to capture her senior portraits!  Sports were a must on our list of photos to take: cross country and softball.  She is hoping to be that 3 sport athlete and wrestling might be her winter sport this year...  Jenny brought along her Mom for company on this outing and they are both wonderful.   Jenny is so creative, came up with some of her own poses (photographers love that) and knew what she wanted from these.  She also finished her final cross country meet at the state level, with a personal best time.  Congrats Jenny, it was so much fun working with you!